94 Where the Magic Began. ToonFest 2015 from Marceline! The Neverland Podcast 09/20/2015

Neverland ToonfestWelcome back to the Neverland Podcast!
Once a year, an event takes place where the magic began. On this special day, you can expect Disney fans to gather to experience the magic of ToonFest in Marceline, Missouri.
Jeremy, the Spider-Pan and host of The Neverland Podcast made his annual trip to Marceline to experience the magic for his 6th time, and now he’s prepared to share some of that magic with you, Neverlander!
From the small town parade, to the shops on Main Street USA, Jeremy will tell you about what he did, and who he met by surprise!
Did you ever wonder about those computer screens and animations in films such as Iron Man? Hear from Jason Opat of IMG, computer graphic artists and animators who create such amazing effects!
I took some photos and some great videos, which can be found here, on the Neverland News page
Grab your pixie and let’s fly to Neverland!
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